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Co-Working Space

There’s something powerful about being in a being in a Creative Co-Working Space with other like-minded individuals. Lets Be Cre8tive

Resources & Tools

Super-fast internet, meeting, conference & quite pod-casting/skype rooms. Members get access to business resources as they are needed

Networking & Events

We hold regular networking events and give you the chance to connect & exchange contact details with like-minded individuals

Business Support Services

We are right here to be able to help our members with many of the technical issues that can plague modern businesses

Be part of a Community!

No more working home alone – as we are all entrepreneurs here. You will be part of a like-minded Responsive community.

Courses & Training

Welcome to our selection of in-house training and courses that cover a range of in-demand skills and are for varying  skill levels

We are Cre8tive Studios…

…for Cre8tives, Entrepreneurs and Change-Makers!

Cre8tive Studios is a Creative / Entrepreneurial business HUB that is determined to get the absolute best entrepreneur out of YOU – by providing the optimal work environment, tools and business resources that will allow your entrepreneurial spirit to flourish.

For us, it’s all about coming together and being greater than the sum of our individual total parts.

We strongly believe in the power of community and being able to achieve more together.

Entrepreneurs are destined to THRIVE in our Cre8tive HUB…

Inspired by the Worlds BEST co-working spaces…

We have made it so that our entire working environment is designed to lead to the most productive ‘YOU’ that is possible.

All of the tools, resources, and features that you will have at your disposal as a member of Cre8tive Studios have all been inspired by the best co-working spaces from all over the world.

Work on your own project or work with us…

Maybe you have had that business idea in your head for many years and just have not had the support that you know you will need?….

You can come and work in comfort at cre8tive Studios know there are other entrepreneurs just like you near-by who are able to offer unlimited support

Team Work makes the Dream Work!

We offer a range of business & entrepreneurial ‘in-house’ services

We are proud to be able to offer a range of facilities to our members

High-Speed Internet

Get more done with Super-fast Upload & Download internet speeds.

Powerful Computers

Make use of our computers or bring your Laptop. You choose!

In-House IT Services

Web Design, Graphics, Software, you name it we can provide it in-house.

Use of 3D Printers

Make use of our 3D Printers to build a physical prototype of your idea.

Hot Desking

Rent desks for yourself or for entire team, the choice is yours

Training Courses

We are excited to be able to offer a range of in-house training courses.

Networking Events

A great chance to be able to network and exchange business cards.

Regular Events

There is always a cool event happening at our office spaces

Stand UP Desks

The benefits of Standing UP to work over sitting have already been proven. 🙂

Meeting Rooms

Boost your company image & profile. Use our meeting rooms

Amenities & Facilities

Showers, a safe place to store your bike – even your pet/kids are welcome.


Tea/Coffee making facilities, water “on Tap” – it’s all here for you.

A few from our Portfolio…

Ajocha Digital website design portfolio
Ajocha Digital website design portfolio
Ajocha Digital website design portfolio
Ajocha Digital website design portfolio
Ajocha Digital website design portfolio

Come and work with us in our Cre8tive Office spaces

Consider this a personal invite for you make the time to be able to come into our Creative Co-working Space for a personal tour around our office space that will give you a deeper insight into the tools, resources and work environment you will be able to make use of as a Cre8tive Studios member. 🙂

We promise you unlimited amounts of Tea, Coffee, Water (whatever your preferred tipple may be) as we take you on a tour of our Entrepreneurial Coworking Hub and show you the opportunities to use our:  Meeting Rooms, 3D Printers, Hot Desks & Team working space, Projectors, Sound Recording /PodCasting Booths,  Hyper-fast Internet,  Audio/Visual equipment – and so much more!…

…So come and make use of our co-working space to work on your own project!

Cre8tive Studios are here to help make your dream a reality
with the help of our Creative Hub & Community – Get Involved TODAY!

Collaborate & Integrate

You have now the unique opportunity to be able to integrate and collaborate with other entrepreneurs who are just like you.

It’s about having others close by who are able to inspire, motivate and even help you to progress in those small steps every single day.

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Average people work HARD, Others work SMART,

Testimonials & Comments…

What a really great idea. Its definitely one of those you wonder why you never thought of it before.

Macky Mac

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Franco Moriti

Working at home ‘all alone’ is set to become a thing of the past – as More & More people begin to realise the immense Power & Possibilities that come from WORKING TOGETHER

From the Cre8tive Studios BLOG…

Be sure to take a peek at our blog if you would like to stay updated with our Cre8tive Studio antics!

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NOW is the time to Be part of a real Entrepreneurial Community!